Pros and Cons of buying Instagram account

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Pros and Cons of buying Instagram account

Buying and selling an Instagram account has many advantages and disadvantages;
in this article, we tried to thoroughly review the advantages and disadvantages of buying and selling an Instagram account. Stay with Logino.

  • Are you looking to buy an Instagram page?
  • Can’t wait to grow your Instagram business due to time constraints and look for followers who are customers of your products?
  • Are you aware of any scams that may occur in the sale and purchase of Instagram pages?

Getting organic followers on Instagram is a time-consuming and challenging task, especially for newcomers.
Many of these businesses prefer to buy an Instagram page that is already active and has some followers.

Some brands may not choose a username that matches their brand name because they entered Instagram too late,
so they decide to buy a page with a username that matches their brand name to avoid possible mistakes.

Before we talk about the process of buying and selling an Instagram page and the tips for buying an Instagram account,
we must warn you that buying and selling Instagram is not a legal matter according to the rules and conditions of Instagram.

In the following, we will mention the advantages and disadvantages of buying an Instagram account; stay tuned with Logino.

Is it legal to buy an Instagram page?

In answer to this question, we must say NO!
Basically, according to the rules of Instagram, buying and selling a page has no definition.
Therefore, you have to do it at your own risk, and there is no formal guarantee.

In this way, you have to accept that if there is any problem with your page, Instagram will not support it.
So, before buying, be sure to consider all aspects.

Benefits and Advantages of buying an Instagram account

1. Super Start!

When small businesses join Instagram, they usually want to get more views and sell their products as soon as possible.
On the other hand, having many competitors may discourage you.

Suppose you are looking to attract followers organically. In that case, you may need to spend more time,

But buying an Instagram page is a quick way to make your appearance look very authentic and old.

Also, without effort and with little cost, you have been able to raise the appearance of your page a few steps higher, at the level of your competitors.

2. Saving time

Gain followers on Instagram is not an easy task,
and it may take months for your number of followers to reach an acceptable number after a lot of marketing and advertising efforts.

As a result, buying an Instagram account will save your time and spend your time on other necessary activities to improve your business.

3. Expand the follower chain

A follower brings followers! Instagram, like many other social networks, is based on communication. 

Suppose the page followers you bought are active. In that case, Instagram will notify their followers when they like or comment on your post, and this will increase your follower chain.

4. Increase brand credibility in the short term

Naturally, when you open the Instagram page, you first look at the number of followers of that page,

if this page is a business page, even if it has your favorite product, at first glance, a small number of followers will stop you from buying,
because You may think that the newly launched page is either not popular enough or even not valid sufficient to finalize your order.

Having a large number of followers from the beginning will help your brand to survive in the competitive scene of Instagram businesses,
and increase the credibility of your brand to an acceptable level.

Disadvantages of buying an Instagram account

The benefits of buying an Instagram page may be summed up in the high speed of recognition on Instagram and the lack of need to try to attract followers,
but due to the risk of this action, many disadvantages can be listed that can not be ignored.

We must consider the items before buying.

1. False and unreal followers

Some companies offer tempting offers by claiming to sell the 1m Instagram page.
But if you know the reality behind the scenes, you may not even want to buy a 5K follower Instagram page.

The truth is that when buying an Instagram page, there can be two types of followers.
The first category is accounts that belong to people and has agreed with companies for a small amount of money to be automatically added to the list of low follower pages.
Naturally, even though they are real, these followers may not get like or comment on you.

The second category is followers who do not belong to a real person and are bots.
You are dealing with a bunch of codes, not real followers!

Of course, these bots can leave a comment for you. Still,
the comment is not relevant to the specific content you have published, and no content details are understood.

For example, they fill in the comments only with emojis or use an exceptional sentence such as “You have interesting posts” or “Visit our page as well.”
They look so artificial that the user quickly realizes that it is unreal.

2. Incompatibility Engagement rate with the number of followers

The fact is that the Instagram engagement rate is predictable based on the number of followers,
and this is well understood by Instagram users.

There is a definite pattern to this fit that is almost consistent in most cases. The proportions are as follows:

  • The number of followers less than 1000 should have an engagement rate of about 8%
  • 1000 to 10,000 followers about 4% engagement
  • 10,000 to 100,000 followers about 2.4% engagement
  • 100,000 to 1 million followers, about 1.8% of the engagement
  • 1 million and up about 1.7% engagement

For example, considering the above numbers, a page with 1000 followers should have about 40 to 80 likes.

Of course, these numbers are approximate and may be more or less in some cases,
but fake followers are very far from these proportions,
and this issue is quite recognizable because fake followers, except in random and planned cases, Do not have the ability to communicate.

3. Spam risk

In some cases, you may need to put your email on your Instagram page.
If the page followers you purchased are fake, they may send a wave of spam emails to your email address.

By accepting a high number of followers, however, you are allowing them to access your original follower pages as well.

Fake followers, like spammers, follow your original followers,
and when a wave of this happens, the real followers get annoyed and may unfollow the source page that you were.

4. Instagram removes fake followers

Instagram has been removing fake followers recently to reassure its real users.

Suppose you just bought a page, and after a while, you realize that your number of followers is declining.

Precisely this is because of Instagram’s brutal performance in dealing with fake followers.

As a result, all the costs you decide to buy an Instagram page with a high number of followers will be wasted.

5. Decrease brand credibility in the long term

Detecting an account with fake followers is not at all difficult to identify an organic account.

Especially if you are an influencer, you should know that reputable brands and businesses easily recognize this issue and act with sensitivity,
and They care about choosing an influencer to promote their brand.

Businesses are looking for influencers who have a high engagement rate with their followers and can persuade them to buy a unique product.

And it is obvious that fake followers do not create an engagement rate for you and endanger your credibility in the long term.

6. Fake followers do not welcome your product!

The fact is that you should not count on these followers.
Even if you have to buy an Instagram page with fake followers, you should know the fact that you have only formed the appearance.

Fake followers do not buy your product, and you should not expect any profit from them,
because their role is like sculptures that are just present to make the space more attractive!

7. Legal and security problems

The Instagram page you buy may have legal issues or may even be tracked.

You can not track all the comments that this page has already put under numerous posts.
But these comments may have contained immoral or disturbing content, which now ends with your brand name.

Before making any purchase, you should get information from the previous contents of the page and the field of activity that it had.

On the other hand, you should note that even if you change all your information, including the password,
the first person who created the account can still recover your password or even hack it easily.
It is The biggest problem in buying a page on Instagram.

For solving this problem, be sure to receive the original email connected to the account from the owner to decrease the possibility of hacking the account after the sale.

It is possible to even in cases where a person sells an Instagram page to a large number of people,
and you should be careful of this type of scam when buying an Instagram page.

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