Engagement Rate on Instagram

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Engagement Rate on Instagram

Instagram engagement rate is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors of Instagram;
In this post, we will introduce the Instagram engagement rate.

Instagram Engagement Rate

Ever since we saw the emergence of various social networks in people’s lives,
their relationship has changed dramatically from the real to the virtual.

Today, we see that almost everyone in society is involved with these tools.

Engagement rate is one of the factors that directly and indirectly refers to the relationship between people in the community on social networks.

One of the criteria that shows the level of activity on Instagram is the engagement rate.

The engagement rate shows the personal relationship with other users present in the social network in various ways.

What is the Instagram engagement rate?

Simply put, Instagram engagement rate is defined as the number of likes and comments received in a post divided by the number of followers considered at a particular time.
This measure is usually calculated for a specific time, such as a month.

The results of these calculations generally provide us with information that we can use to monitor the evolution and growth of our Instagram page over time.

Suppose you want to buy an Instagram account.
In that case, engagement rate is one of the essential things you should pay attention to before buying.

The numbers obtained for engagement rate can show the level of participation of other people on our page,
It depends on various factors such as the number of likes, number of followers, number of comments, and number of visits to the page.

There are several ways to use Instagram engagement rate, and it can be crucial in different areas,
So if you want to know more about the engagement rate, stay with Logino.

Engagement Rate formula

To calculate the engagement rate on Instagram,
first, calculate the number of interactions of the desired post.

Then, add the number of likes, comments, and saves of that post (the number of engagements).

To calculate the Instagram engagement rate, divide this number by the total of viewers (reach).
To do this, you must first turn your Instagram page into a business profile.

Then multiply the result of this division by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

Engagement Rate formula

This formula is a bit difficult to use for pages with a lot of followers,
Instead, you can use the Inbeet site to calculate the engagement rate.

What is the use of Engagement Rate?

The information provided by the engagement rate on Instagram helps you increase your Instagram page’s growth and engagement over time.
The engagement rate also helps you choose the most appropriate pages for your advertising business.

In other words, engagement rate is one of the most critical indicators on Instagram,
And the higher the percentage, the more successful your performance will be on this social network.

In short, in the new Instagram algorithm, Instagram displays posts to 10% of the audience.
Still, suppose engaging and high-quality content engages the audience.

In that case, Instagram recognizes this issue and makes that post more visible to this audience.

A high engagement rate increases the chances of the post being in Instagram Explore.
Therefore, this leads to an increase in Instagram followers.

How to increase Instagram engagement rate?

It is easy to write a complete book about its various sections and explain each in different ways to answer this question.

In general, the answer to this question depends on the factors influencing Instagram and its followers.

Eventually, the changes you have to make will make other users popular or unpopular with your page.

1. Reply to their comments with emotion!

Your users need to feel that they are part of your Instagram page.
So when they leave a comment for you, reply to them.

Think you bought a new t-shirt and go out with your friend, your friend after seeing you:

-What a beautiful T-shirt!

It is where you smile and responds with the good feeling you create with your face and body:


Not that you don’t even look at it, lower your head and say thank you! So why did you do this on Instagram?

2. Ask questions

The easiest way to engage your audience and increase your Instagram engagement rate is to ask questions.
Try to always include a few questions in your posts.

It doesn’t matter what the question is. Just ask!
Simple questions! Like questions, your viewers (or at least most of them) know the answer!

3. Always have a request

Ask your audience, for example, when you publish a post about News, ask them to write their opinion.

If you ask them to read a post on your website, ask them to write their comments under the post or rate it.

4. Know your audience, and care about them

Take some time and find your target community! Know your followers;

  • What do they think?
  • What is their problem?
  • What are they interested in?
  • When do they check their Instagram?

A simple like or comment below the post of those who follow you can greatly affect your Instagram engagement rate.
Your users will know that you care about them so that they will care about you.

Using all the features of Instagram,
such as story and live, you can engage your followers in the activities of the page and therefore increase your Instagram engagement rate.

Note that working on Instagram and engaging other followers is a complex and sensitive game that requires a lot of experience.
For this reason, use the best possible method to get the best result for your work.

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