How to Know if Someone Hide Instagram Story From You?

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How to Know if Someone Hide Instagram Story From You?

How to Know if Someone Hide Instagram Story from You in 2023? to understand this, there are two methods that we have explained in this article.

Instagram story is one of the exciting features of this application, where many interactions occur.
Our communication starts mainly by watching stories and replying to them. 

Stories are content that remains on Instagram accounts for 24 hours, then disappears from the Instagram feed;
As a result, it is no longer possible to view it for your followers.

Instagram respects user privacy and allows you to change your privacy settings.
The “Hide the Story” feature is a privacy option that users frequently use nowadays.

Sometimes, someone of our Instagram followers does not share any stories on their Instagram page for a long time.
In this situation, the question may come to our mind, whether that person hiding me from his story?
To understand this, we have mentioned two ways in this article, so stay with Logino.

How to Know if Someone Hide Instagram Story

What is Hide the Story on Instagram?

Instagram has provided a feature that you can specify that some people cannot see your stories; in fact, you hide them from your stories. 

This feature makes these people unable to access your stories.

For example, you may have an Instagram page for your child, and you don’t want everyone to see your child’s photo story.
You can easily block them from seeing stories and highlights.

What is Hide the Story

How To Tell If Someone Hides You From Seeing Their Story?

The main question of the content of today’s article is how do we know if someone has hidden their story from us?

There are two ways to understand this.
The first method is through the page’s highlights, and the second method is through the use of another page. 

In the rest of this article, we will explain the details of each of these methods.

1. Check Instagram Page Highlights

Checking Instagram story highlights is one of the best ways to discover whether someone has hidden you from the story.
Because hiding the instagram story will make the highlights disappear also.

To check the highlights and find out if you have been hidden from the story or not, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the intended person’s profile and page. (You can find that page by username from the search section.)
  2. Swipe from top to bottom once to refresh the page.
  3. Look at the bottom of the bio.
  4. If you didn’t see any highlights, most likely, you are hidden from the Instagram story.

Of course, doesn’t exist any highlights cannot be a convincing reason that you are hidden from the Instagram story.

If someone’s story highlights have suddenly vanished from their profile, either they’ve hidden you or they’ve removed all of that stories.

Instagram Story Highlights

The highlights of the Instagram page of the person you are looking for can have three situations:

  1. Highlights exist on page;
    In this case, it should be said that your doubts were misplaced, and they did not hide their stories from you.
  2. Previously, there were highlights on the page, but now they are not displayed.
    In this case, they may have hidden their stories from you.
  3. The person doesn’t have any highlights on his page;
    in this case, it is impossible to detect whether the stories are hidden or not through the highlights.

2. Check the Story Using Another Account

Go to the page of the person you want with another account and check his page and stories.

If you see that it has highlights or stories but cannot see them using your main page, they have hidden you from the story.

This method is mainly used when the desired person does not have highlights on his Instagram page.

The page of the person you want to check must be public; otherwise, you have to request to follow that page.

How to View Hidden Stories on Instagram?

If someone has hidden their stories for us, you can only see the hidden Instagram story in one situation, when their page is public.

In such cases, you can view the stories of the desired person anonymously by going to third-party sites like StoriesDown and InstaStories and entering the username of the desired person. 

But if the page of the person who hides his stories from us is private, the only way left is to follow the person using another page and, through that page, see the stories.

Check Instagram Story Highlights


In this article, to the question, “How to Know if Someone Hide Instagram Story?” We answered. 

We introduced two methods to find out if someone has hidden their stories from us.
One through the story highlights and the other using another page

We hope that the solutions provided were helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if the desired page is public, you can view the story through another page or by the available third-party tools.

Yes! These two cases have nothing to do with each other, and you can see their posts anyway.

By checking the highlights or checking stories and highlights of the desired page through another account.

No, That person will not notice your story unless he follows your page with another account.

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